The War of Lizard and Izzy
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Original run TBA -
Seasons TBA
Episodes TBA
Country Worldwide
Creator(s) LizardMaster178, Izzylinia and Grammatik
Series Guide
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The War of Lizard and Izzy (Japanese: 黙示録!トカゲとイジー! ! The Apocalypse! Lizard and Izzy!!) is a role-playing series created by LizardMaster178, Izzylinia and Grammatik.


After generations of the battle between Master Lizard and Izzy, Lavower Valley has finally found peace. But when new warriors come into the town to awaken both of them, the valley is in serious danger. As a new era of battling unfolds, what will happen to the world?



Main article: List of episodes in The War of Lizard and Izzy.

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